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Workout plans
that fits your

We believe that the workout plan should be adapted to you, instead of you adapting to it!

Why choose GetMeGains

Workout plans that fits your personal schedule

Close follow-up on execution and progression

We have the experience you need

Realistic goals​​

What a paid workout plan contains

Effective exercises approved by you

Right amount of sets and repetitions (Volume)

Recommended rest duration between sets

The estimated duration of execution​​

It is possible to purchase additional services

Why you need a workout plan

When you are new to the gym it can be challenging to know where and how to begin. But with our workout plans you will get all the information you need to just walk into a gym and know exactly what to do. To get optimal results from your training it is important to have the right volume, amount of sets and repetitions. Too much volume can turn healthy training into overtraining, which can both cause injuries, but also reduce your restitution which hurts your results. Too little volume can also lead to sub-optimal results.

This is because you will not get the same amount of muscle fatigue or stimulus with too little volume compared to the right amount of volume. Hypertrophy, muscle growth primarily functions by breaking down and damaging the muscles, so they can repair themselves and get stronger. With too little damage your muscles will not rebuild themselves to the same degree as if you used the right amount of volume. We will therefore help find the right amount of volume for you, to optimize your results.

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